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Webinar: Cooling Electronics: Solving Military Thermal-Management Challenges, hosted by Military Embedded Systems

The performance and capability of modern vehicle electronics (vetronics), radar, electronic warfare, avionics, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems are enabled by commercial processors and FPGAs – all of which generate lots of heat.
These systems must also survive in extreme battlefield conditions, unlike systems in a commercial server farm, where environments are regulated and there is plenty of space to house the systems.
To battle the heat generated in less-than-ideal conditions, military cooling strategies range from liquid-cooled and air-cooled to conduction-cooled and air-flow-through designs.
This webcast covers the various cooling methods and the challenges faced while implementing them, especially in ever-smaller form factors.
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Steven Gudknecht, Marketing and Communications Manager, LCR Embedded Systems

Chad Hutchinson, Director Engineering, Crystal Group

Sebastien Buzik, Engineering Manager, nVent Schroff

Justin Moll, VP of Sales & Engineering, Pixus Technologies



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