SAVE – Standardized A-Kit / Vehicle Envelope – is a standard that defines the size, weight, power, environmental requirements, connector requirements and electrical interfaces for C5ISR systems installed in ground combat vehicles.  LCR SAVE development systems and rugged chassis support the SAVE standard with leading edge solutions that enable development to deployment capabilities for our customers.

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8 Slot SAVE Compliant VPX Chassis

The SAVE-820 is intended for C5ISR systems that must meet the Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) chassis size, weight, power, connector and electrical interface requirements. Backplanes supporting SOSA aligned / CMOSS payloads.

SAVE System Integration Development Chassis

The DK3-SAVE is a versatile 19” benchtop development chassis for the test and integration of SAVE compliant systems intended for deployment in army ground vehicles. Open access and SAVE compliant connector set.