Bridging the cooling gap in high-speed embedded systemsIn the high-performance world of VPX for defense applications, aggregate payload power calls for creative strategies when addressing cooling at the chassis level as well. New high-performance applications will demand new inventiveness, if not outright new inventions, in applying and adapting established chassis-level cooling techniques while keeping costs down. Properly engineered VITA 48.2 chassis using air or liquid assist are capable of cooling payloads far more effectively compared to conduction-cooled-only chassis. These design extensions for 3U and 6U systems enable cost savings in applications which can support air and liquid cooling by leveraging a well-established VITA 48.2 supplier ecosystem.

Steve Gudknecht, Product Marketing and Communications Manager, and Jordan Sudlow, Mechanical Design Engineer, discuss new chassis-level cooling techniques for VITA 48.2 chassis using air or liquid assist in this article with Military Embedded Systems.


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