At LCR, you can count on an experienced and engaging staff to help see your project through from start to finish. Our shared goal is to ensure mission success. LCR engineering, integration, test and manufacturing teams work with you in a collaborative fashion through dedicated and detail driven program managers to deliver field proven, rugged VPX chassis, VPX backplanes and integrated systems across multiple embedded architectures.

Program Management

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LCR’s experienced and professional program management team provides regular updates and task coordination to ensure on time completion of development activities for your project.

Engineering Design

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Combining the latest design tools with an experienced engineering staff, the LCR design team produces proven VPX, SOSA-aligned, VME and cPCI products for a range of defense applications.

Systems Integration

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Complex system integration requires a holistic design approach. Our experienced staff provides payload integration that enables out of the box installation and testing of your platform.

Manufacturing & Testing

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Our state-of-the-art facility and headquarters located in the United States, offers a full suite of proven assembly, manufacturing, integration, and testing services.