LCR Embedded Systems’ Core Values provide the foundation for everything we do, whether it’s our own operational activities or the design, management, integration, and manufacturing of customer equipment. We pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their missions, and we also understand that our ability to build a strong business wouldn’t be possible without this foundation.

Honesty and Integrity

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Employee Development

Continuous Improvement

We honor the spirit and letter of our commitments, we face up to our responsibilities, and we accept accountability.
In other words, we own it.
We keep our promises, we do the right thing, and we go that extra mile.
We like to say that we have tenacity of purpose.
We strive to provide an environment for personal growth, encourage employee initiative, and promote employee participation and empowerment.
We continuously seek to achieve incremental improvements in processes throughout the organization in order to improve our competitive position.

From your first contact with us, our team pledges honest two-way communications so that problems are avoided before they arise. Schedule and cost information will be communicated accurately, clearly, and in a timely fashion to help set your expectations — and the expectations of your customers, whose schedules are also dependent on ours.

And of course, starting from your initial interaction with our Sales Representatives, we will engage in clear communications so that we fully understand the challenges facing you and your customer.

We have a history of investing in the capabilities and equipment our customers need us to have, including as an example the equipment that enables us to support legacy wire-wrap deployments, allowing you to get the most out of your existing technology investments and avoid costly recertifications.

We also pride ourselves on our design, management, integration, and manufacture and test capabilities, through which we can offer our customers total confidence that the finished product will meet their requirements in the field.

We seek to create a culture where initiative and creativity are rewarded and where employees are trained and empowered to anticipate and solve problems before they grow. To this end, we’ve found our relationship with training programs throughout Pennsylvania to be very beneficial in helping us maintain our staff training at the highest level.

We also seek to develop long-term relationships with our employees as well as our customers, and we know that any investment in equipment is useless without investing in the most important resource we offer: our people.

Our customers must operate in a world of ever-increasing complexity and budgetary pressures, and LCR Embedded Systems is committed to a sustained, structured, companywide Continuous Improvement Initiative as a means of ensuring that our design, management, integration, and manufacturing capabilities continue to stay ahead of customer requirements.

Our Continuous Improvement Initiative is team-based, driven by our Leadership Team, Steering Committee, and the individual project-based Project Teams.