Program Management

LCR Electronics program managementLCR Program Managers are experienced professionals with concise communication skills and solid engineering backgrounds. Benefitting from practical experience as viewed from both sides of the table, their goal is to ensure effective engagement from program start to finish. As your LCR point of contact, our Program Managers are schedule owners overseeing all critical milestones while conducting virtual and face to face visits with your team as needed.

Concurrent Engineering

LCR uses Concurrent Engineering methods as part of our program and engineering management processes. This results in enhanced productivity and speedy time to project completion while potential design problems are identified and addressed in the early stages of development.

Multi-discipline Coordination

Project success depends heavily on managing the convergence of electrical, mechanical, software and test engineering efforts. LCR Program Managers closely monitor and coordinate all activity threads across multiple disciplines seeking to identify interdependencies, mitigate risk, plan resources and maintain focus on critical paths. Detailed Gantt charts enable real time status updates as the project progresses.

Design Reviews

Detailed updates occur at regular intervals in Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews (PDRs and CDRs) to ensure all parties are in concert regarding the status, direction and cost of project activities. Reviews are supported by detailed drawings, 3D renderings and other documentation as needed.