Rugged integrated ATR systems and 19” rackmount solutions for VPX, SOSA aligned, VME and cPCI board architectures. LCR is recognized by leading defense suppliers for reliability, streamlined design and advanced thermal management in long running programs.

LCR’s experienced staff performs board integration in VPX, SOSA aligned, VME or cPCI systems for any packaging solution we offer. We provide operational and performance testing of the foundational electronics and deliver systems ready for your application.

Development chassis for VPX and SOSA aligned module payloads. The DK3 / DK6 for 3U and 6U VPX system design, support air and conduction cooled modules with quick conversion that tracks and streamlines your development cycle.

Over 45 high speed VPX backplane designs supporting OpenVPX and SOSA aligned modules. Standard and custom backplanes for VME, cPCI, cPCI Serial and ATCA systems. Innovative rigid-flex-rigid solutions for each form factor across a range of applications.