LCR’s experienced staff performs board integration in VPX, SOSA aligned, VME or cPCI systems for any packaging solution we offer. We provide operational and performance testing of the foundational electronics and deliver systems ready for your application.

Rugged ATR chassis include conduction cooled VPX, air cooled VPX and liquid cooled VPX ATR solutions. All ATR chassis are designed for plug in cards in alignment with the SOSA technical standard.

Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) chassis, conform to size, weight, power, connector requirements and electrical interfaces for C5ISR systems intended for Army ground vehicles. Development and deployment chassis for VPX and SOSA aligned target payloads.

Perform functional system demonstration and testing in harsh environments using LCR’s Rugged Test Systems. Move from the benchtop to field test and verification quickly with these configurable rugged chassis.

Development chassis for VPX and SOSA aligned module payloads. The DK3 / DK6 for 3U and 6U VPX system design, support air and conduction cooled modules with quick conversion that tracks and streamlines your development cycle.

Rackmount 19” chassis for VPX, SOSA-aligned, VME, cPCI and ATCA architectures. LCR’s field proven chassis have provided over 30 years of reliable service in a wide array of applications. Building on solid design principals, our 19” solutions continue to evolve to meet 21st century defense challenges.