LCR Emebdded Systems manufacturing and testing

Manufacturing and Test

At our headquarters just outside Philadelphia, PA, LCR serves defense industry requirements for embedded computing systems, with an advanced US based manufacturing facility providing a full suite of assembly, manufacturing, integration, and testing capabilities.

Precision Mechanical Assembly

Our experienced team of highly trained, highly motivated people understand the importance of their individual roles in providing the most reliable embedded computing products to mission critical defense applications. Formal processes cover every aspect of manufacture, assembly, and testing to ensure uniformity and repeatability in our products. Our production team is cross-trained in mechanical assembly methods and our manufacturing space is highly flexible. These factors combine to enable quick adjustments to shifting demand cycles, volumes and product mixes.

PCB Assembly and Test

Our PCB assembly is performed in a J-Std-001, Class 3 White Room with ESD, humidity, temperature, and light control. Our soldering technicians are J-Std certified in through-hole, SMT, and microscope assisted assembly. A 5 zone reflow oven ensures precise and consistent results and enables high volume production. In house polyurethane or acrylic conformal coating capabilities address humidity and condensation requirements for our board products. Automated continuity testing of up to 16,000 points, checks and verifies PCB assembly interconnectivity against the PCB netlist.

Cable Assembly and Test

Trained in accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620A standards our cable team is experienced in handling wire types from discrete wire assemblies to Quadrax cable assemblies and Fiber Optic cable assemblies. Automated processing equipment enables high mix-low volume production for splicing, wire stripping, and crimping of wire from 8 to 32 AWG. Testing ensures full continuity for all copper cable types up to a 1,536 test point capacity and an automated Fiber Optic test system provides testing both LC and MPO format fiber optic assemblies.

CNC Machining

LCRs in house machining center supports the requirements of our precision ATR, 19” and custom enclosure lines. From early prototypes to first articles and full production units, LCR skilled machinists ensure the highest quality results in engineered electronics packaging solutions for our customers.

3D Printing

We create engineering models, prototypes, production components, connectors, tooling and fixtures to support our designs beginning from the early development stages. Our team experienced in the use of leading edge printers and various high strength materials onyx, fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Environmental Testing Capabilities

LCR manufacturing and engineering test capabilities include a full suite of in house and off sight environmental testing to MIL-STD-810, 901D and 167 shock, vibration, temperature and humidity methods as well as EMI/EMC testing to MIL-STD-461. Temperature testing includes full thermal cycle / airflow testing under functional load in a range of ambient temperature conditions. 

System Level Testing

For integrated system production our manufacturing team can conduct a full suite of custom testing to ensure the foundational backbone of your system is application ready. Testing may include; basic communications, signal flow analysis, data read / write accuracy, network communication and signal I/O requirements.

Legacy Products

Wire wrap / metal backplanes production at LCR is on the downside however we maintain automatic wire wrap equipment and skilled operators to service long time customers.


LCR Embedded Systems is AS 9100 D, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR certified (M33771), with approved J-STD-001, Foreign Object Debris (FOD), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), and Counterfeit Components Avoidance (CCAP-101) programs.