At LCR, we’re expanding the breadth of our product offering in an effort to provide our customers with a full line of VPX chassis accessories. Starting with shock isolation trays for SAVE compliant chassis, we’re moving towards becoming your single source supplier for all things VPX.

Learn about the SAVE standard

Dual Port Media Converter

Intended for rugged VPX SOSA aligned ATR chassis content as well as 19” chassis in defense applications, LCR’s dual port converter module converts 10GBase-T ports to 10GKR and 1GBase-T ports to 1GKX for backplane slot to slot communication. Converts Backplane SERDES interfaces (KR/KX) to 10G/ 1000/100 BASE-T for external chassis I/O.

COTS Shock & Vibration Trays for SAVE-Compliant Systems

Shock isolation trays for Standard A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) compliant electronic systems intended for army ground vehicles. Trays address shock and vibration specifications required for installed SAVE compliant systems. Tray and chassis mount assembly conform to the envelope dimensional requirements as stated in the standard.