High-Performance Video Processing Demo Will Run for Duration of Show and Demonstrate How You Can Go from Data to Decision

May 8, 2017 — Norristown PA and San Jose, CA — The rapid and secure dissemination of processed, contextual, live sensor data from unmanned systems to decision makers is a critical concern for those looking to use unmanned technology in military, commercial, and industrial applications.

At the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017 Unmanned Systems show running from May 8-11 in Dallas, attendees can visit Booth #306 and view an integrated demonstration between partner companies LCR Embedded Systems and ADLINK Technologies. The demos will showcase lightweight, rugged UAV systems preprocessing live video data, while communicating with ground or vehicle based systems, for data distribution to any number of decision makers in real time, enabling split-second decision making in evolving situations that require unmanned systems support.

The demonstration will consist of two connected SWaP/C-friendly rugged systems suitable for deployment on UAV/UGV, one from ADLINK and one from LCR Embedded Systems. A drone-mountable camera will be connected to the ADLINK HPERC™ system utilizing PrismTech’s Vortex DDS, enabling the camera to capture, track, and transmit several targets simultaneously. This information will then be transmitted in real time to LCR Embedded Systems’ recently announced Featherweight VPX System, powered by Intel® Xeon® D processor, illustrating communication to a receiving system where it can be further processed and distributed.

“One of the most important things to keep in mind about any unmanned vehicle system is that the system doesn’t stop at the vehicle,” said LCR Embedded Systems President David Pearson. “The vehicle is only the most peripheral part of a much larger distributed system that might be composed of other air, land, and marine vehicles, portable and fixed ground stations, and more. LCR Embedded Systems is thrilled to exhibit at XPONENTIAL 2017 with valued partner ADLINK Technologies to show how, together, we can offer complete solutions that slot in at any point within unmanned vehicle systems, no matter how extensive they may be.”

“Unmanned systems provide a quantum leap in the way battlefield information is gathered. As these systems accelerate and evolve, sensor and data processing requirements challenge the performance envelope of small form factor, ruggedized, high performance computing solutions,” said Elizabeth Campbell, General Manager at ADLINK Americas. “We are excited to showcase LCR Embedded’s chassis designs and system platforms based on ADLINK’s rugged small form factor boards, computer-on-modules, and slot card architectures such as AdvancedTCA®, CompactPCI®, and VPX boards.”

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