Our Products Reflect Our Values

At its most basic, mission assurance is defined as the disciplined application of proven scientific, engineering, quality, and program management principles toward the goal of achieving mission success.* Mission assurance follows a general systems engineering framework and uses risk management and independent assessment as cornerstones throughout the program life cycle.

When properly applied, it goes well beyond engineering and production processes and encompasses everything about a company, as the company itself is the ultimate product — and since mission assurance touches every aspect of our company, it’s reflected in everything we do, whether it is directly related to engineering and production or not.


Mission Assurance is Everybody’s Job

LCR Embedded Systems has won many supplier quality awards and letters of commendation from our top customers; no company is more capable of implementing mission assurance from the top down, thanks to our Core Values which govern everything we do.

Every employee is encouraged and rewarded for coming forward with concerns and offering their understanding of a problem. While we have employees whose explicit job responsibilities encompass quality and mission assurance, both are fundamental parts of everyone’s job description.


Solving Problems Permanently

We offer a thorough understanding of performance processes and complex quality metrics and a culture of total responsibility to foresee, understand, and prepare for anything that can keep us from getting our jobs done, and all with one goal in mind: to solve problems permanently, as far upstream as possible.

Upsteam solutions are almost always cheaper, faster, easier, and more straightforward to generalize and expand. Our approach to problems is: See it, solve it — for good. Anything less perpetuates firefighting and disorganization.


Using Metrics to Drive Continuous Improvement

Mission assurance requires total commitment to and trust in the process because very often, the highest payoff is obtained early in the program life cycle by preventing problems before they happen, rather than fixing problems after they arise.

Paradoxically, this success can put itself at risk as some companies ignore the program’s success or ease off on quality measurements. The benefits of mission assurance are at their most invisible (and hence at their greatest risk of being underappreciated) when they are done right. This is a mistake that LCR Embedded Systems refuses to make.