Our customers must operate in a world of ever-increasing complexity and budgetary pressures, and LCR Embedded Systems is committed to a sustained, structured, companywide Continuous Improvement Initiative as a means of ensuring that our design, management, integration, and manufacturing capabilities continue to stay ahead of customer requirements.

Our Continuous Improvement Initiative is team-based and driven by our Leadership Team, Steering Committee, and the individual project-based Project Teams.

  • Leadership Team: Reconciles the CI Initiative to the company vision, purpose, and corporate goals, and defines the authority and boundaries for the Steering Committee and Project Teams.
  • Steering Committee:
    • Provides direction to the Project Teams in terms of scope, boundaries, responsibilities;
    • Sets the number and priority of CI Projects;
    • Reviews and approves recommendations;
    • Ensures that CI Projects are meeting the intent, spirit, and direction set by the Leadership Team; and
    • Assigns and trains the Project Teams.
  • Project Teams: Plans and implements individual CI projects, and is comprised of the most knowledgeable stakeholders (across all levels and functions) in the various workflows, with a vested interest in success.

The CI Projects are documented and recorded in concert with AS9100 C requirements, and the Project Teams follow the LEAN process improvement principles, including:

  • Define the problem,
  • Set CI goals,
  • Identify the current state map (collect data as required),
  • Define the ideal state map,
  • Establish an implementation plan,
  • Define what success looks like (including success measurements),
  • Implement the plan,
  • Measure and review results,
  • Adjust as required, and
  • Celebrate!