Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Enables High-Performance System used in Critical ISR Installation for Tactical Deployment


LCR Embedded Systems 800 Series Rugged VPX ATR chassis/backplane and I/O solution ensures operational reliability for the system deployed in the toughest environments

Increasingly sophisticated threats emerging around the globe demand the need for higher precision signal detection and geo-location capability. Legacy defense system designs lack a unified architectural approach which impedes the speed at which systems may be upgraded and inhibits interoperability among technology providers. This situation poses serious problems when time to deployment is of utmost importance.

Today, critical defense systems are being designed using a modular open systems approach (MOSA) that allows for the swift uptake of the latest commercially developed technology for use in the modern battlefield. The Battlefield Signal Detection system designed by a joint effort among industry best technology providers, enables the superior signal detection and greater locational accuracy required by the DoD. In leveraging MOSA the system also ensures a streamlined technology upgrade path to meet future assignments.

Learn how XONE Technology, a provider of advanced COMINT and DF/Geolocation ISR products, leveraged Curtiss-Wright and LCR Embedded Systems to integrate battlefield dominant capability using a modular open systems approach to build their intelligence and surveillance receiver.

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