Webinar with LCR Embedded Systems
Cooling Systems: Removing Heat
from Embedded Electronics Systems

When: On-demand

Moderated By: Dean Holman, President/Executive Director, VITA

Hosted By: Military Embedded Systems

It has been said “With great power comes great responsibility.” In modern military electronics systems that mantra might more accurately be “With great processing capability comes a great responsibility to get the heat out.” Whether it’s a graphics processor, a general-purpose processor, or an FPGA, these modern marvels all bring unprecedented capability to radar, avionics, and electronic warfare applications but also create headaches for design engineers who must craft unique ways to manage the excess thermals these devices generate. In this webcast, thermal-management experts detail methods for reducing heat and thermals in modern military electronic systems.

Steve Gudknecht of LCR Embedded Systems will discuss thermal design strategies that ensure the highest level of performance in new and evolving defense applications using advanced air and liquid cooling approaches in integrated systems and chassis.


Steve Gudknecht, Marketing and Communications Manager, LCR Embedded Systems

Gawtam Jhoty, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, nVent/Schroff

Justin Moll, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Pixus

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