LCRs 400 Series of rugged ATR chassis and integrated systems for VPX and SOSA aligned payload boards have been selected by defense and aerospace industry experts as a 2021 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award recipient.

Employing a mix of widely used cooling strategies, the AoC3U-410 and 412 products combine forced air with conduction cooling to dramatically increase aggregate system heat dissipation.

LCR AoC 400 Series rugged ATR chassis wins Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award

The award recognizes the chassis design for dramatic cooling capability improvements versus straight passive conduction solutions thereby broadening the use case of readily available VITA 48.2 plug in modules.

“The 400 Series reflects LCR’s commitment to supporting new and emerging applications in the defense industry by improving heat dissipation performance and improving reliability in extreme environments. The Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award and the success of our overall ATR chassis line is a testament to LCR’s continuing efforts to develop the best integrated packaging solutions in the industry,” said LCR Embedded President Dan Manoukian.

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About the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards

The Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award recognizes substantial improvements in the design of embedded computing products. New products should demonstrate marked improvements over previous designs leading to better overall performance, increased ease of use and faster time to deployment in systems intended for defense, avionics and aerospace applications.

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