VPX, VME, CompactPCI or Custom Enclosure with 2 to 21 Slots

6U Universal Enclosure: Designed for Open Standards Development

6U Universal Enclosure: Designed for Open Standards Development

The 6U Universal Chassis/Backplane Assembly provides an ideal, customizable solution for open-standards-based application development.

Able to support 6U VPX, VME, CompactPCI, or custom backplanes, the enclosure provides between 2 and 21 slots depending on the specific standard.

Learn how LCR products can help ensure program success from the development stage through deployment.

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  • Form factor: VPX, VME, CompactPCI, Custom
  • Card size: 6U x 160mm
  • Fabric/Profile: BKP6-CEN16-11.2.2-3 (shown)
  • Slot count: 2-21
  • Method: Convection, forced air, bottom to top
  • Fans: 4 Front, 171 CFM each
  • Watts per slot: 100W
  • Monitoring/Control: Local/Remote status via SNMP
  • I/O: As needed
  • Switches: ON/OFF/RESET
  • Indicators: Power, System Status Interconnect
  • Displays: As needed
  • Input power: 85-264 VAC, 1/3 phase, 47-440 Hz (Optional DC input)
  • Output power: 5/3.3/±12 V
  • Filtering: Input line filter
  • Breaker/Fuse: 15 A circuit breaker
  • Intelligence: I2C monitoring
  • HWD: 7U x 17.5” x 25.3”
  • Weight: 35 lb
  • Materials: Aluminum frame
  • Construction: Bolted sheet metal
  • Finish: Chemical conversion, IAW MIL-DTL-5541, Type II, Class 3
  • Slides: Provisions for general devices slide C-874
  • Temperature: 0C to 50C (op), -20C to 70C (st)
  • Humidity: 10-95% (op/st)
  • Altitude: 6,000 ft
  • Shock: 8Gs @ 11ms
  • Vibration: 1.0 Gs/Hz 10 to 330 Hz