LCR Embedded Systems to Take Part in the Upcoming Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration

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  • LCR products will be supporting multiple equipment demonstrations
  • Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions booth 27
  • Curtiss-Wright Break Out Room
  • Sciens Innovations booth 17

March 2022 – Norristown, PA – LCR Embedded Systems, a leader in integrated systems and development solutions for SOSA aligned board payloads, is proud to participate in this year’s Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration (TSOA-ID) on March 15, 2022 at Solomons Inn Resort and Marina, MD. The TSOA-ID 2022 is a single-day Technical Interchange Meeting and Expo focusing on Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) principles and innovations.

LCR products will play a key role in three functional demonstrations at the event. Our 800 Series CMOSS MOSA System for Deployment and our DK3 VPX Development System will serve among several platforms demonstrating a range of rugged MOSA solutions showcasing interoperability for high-performance processing, tactical battlefield communications, networking, secure data storage, and more. Demonstrations will highlight the benefits of SOSA-aligned interoperability where a system built for one specific mission can support a different mission with a new card set, with little or no modification.

Demonstrations will take place at the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions booth 27 and in the Curtiss-Wright Partner Demo Pavilion. Also, in the Curtiss-Wright Partner Pavilion, LCR will display examples from our growing line of rugged conduction cooled ATR chassis for SOSA aligned payloads.

At the Sciens Innovations booth 17, LCR’s DK3 3U VPX Development System will support a SOSA interoperability demonstration using Sciens partner SOSA-aligned payload content Using their MORA Software and Firmware toolkit called helux, Sciens staff will demonstrate their MORA Explorer UI to exercise module to module MORA interfaces. The SOSA aligned hardware integrated with helux and Sciens MORA tooling presents a collaboration fostering the interoperability of the SOSA Technical Standard.

”LCR is proud to take part in this important event and play an integral role in the advancement of the SOSA Technical Standard. Our line of deployment systems and chassis and development systems are designed to enable the rapid technology insertions made possible by the overall MOSA effort. Along with industry partners, LCR Is poised to continue to deliver innovative products that keep pace with the demands of the defense industry of today and tomorrow” said LCR Embedded President Dan Manoukian.

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