Astrodyne acquires LCR Electronics filter and electronic products business

LCR Electronics announces that its chassis, backplane, and systems product divisions have been realigned and now operate as a new business entity, LCR Embedded Systems, Inc., led by founder and former owner of LCR Electronics, Nissen Isakov. The filter and control product lines of LCR Electronics have been sold to Astrodyne, a global developer and manufacturer of specialized power solutions.

Nissen Isakov, president of the new LCR Embedded Systems, said, “Building on a longstanding history of impeccable quality and service, LCR Embedded Systems will remain focused on meeting our customers’ needs while forging into new markets and opportunities in order to provide optimum systems and solutions on a continual basis.”

Isakov continued, “Separating the original company into two distinct units allows both to better serve their respective customers and markets to the fullest extent. Each business unit already had its own sales force, engineering, and manufacturing, so this transition should be seamless.”

LCR Embedded Systems will continue to be headquartered in Norristown, PA, with its system engineering group in Jackson, MS. The company will focus on developing chassis, backplanes, and systems for the aerospace, defense, and rugged industrial markets. Customer schedules, quality, and affordability requirements — our focus on which has enabled the company win multiple supplier awards including the coveted Raytheon IDS Star Supplier Award — will remain a priority.

For more information, visit LCR Embedded Systems’ new website at or contact Janis Cortese, [email protected], Marketing Communications Manager.