SAVE System Integration Development Chassis

The DK3-SAVE is a development chassis for the test and integration of SAVE compliant systems intended for deployment in army ground vehicles. Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) chassis, conform to size, weight, power, connector requirements and electrical interfaces for C5ISR systems under the SAVE standard. The DK3- SAVE development chassis and backplane supports development of VPX and SOSA aligned payloads common to systems conforming to the SAVE directives.

It includes the complete connector complement under the standard thus enabling streamlined testing of target payloads. Development chassis for VPX and SOSA aligned module payloads. The DK3 / DK6 for 3U and 6U VPX system design, support air and conduction cooled modules with quick conversion that tracks and streamlines your development cycle.

Learn more about the SAVE standard for Army ground vehicles.

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Download PDF Datasheet Download Backplane Brochure
  • 12 slot Pass-thru with VPX power/ground/utility connections in J0 & J1.
  • Includes 8X apertures for VITA 67.3c connectors
  • Cutout size per VITA 65.0 Aperture H
  • VITA 67.3c connectors not provided unless specified
  • Air cooled with 820 CFM fan bank
  • 75W per slot cooling or 900W total
  • Fan speed control based on exhaust temp sensors
  • Fan LED Alarm to monitor fan tac
  • 110VAC Power inlet/filter IEC 320-C14
  • Dual 1200W power supplies
  • +12VDC / 100Amps, +5V / 35Amps, +3.3V / 36Amps
  • Up to 2400 watts of total power
  • Circuit breakers (2)
  • Rackmount for 19” EIA frame
  • Removable mounting ears
  • Dimensions: 12.25” / 7U (H), 19″ (W) x 17.64″ (D) incl. handles and connectors
  • Bench Top Mounting
  • Removable mounting feet adding 1.75″
  • 12 conduction cooled card slots for VITA 48.2 VPX modules
  • 12 RTM slots
  • Intended for benign lab environments