15 Slot 3U VPX 19” Rackmount Chassis

This feature rich chassis includes a 15 slot backplane with the profile for your application including VITA 66 and 67 connectors or apertures for optical and RF I/O. Dual rear mounted VITA 62 power supplies provide ample power for a range of high performance payloads. The chassis accepts VITA 48.2 conduction cooled boards and has dual high CFM fans for exceptional cooling. The hinged front panel is enables easy access and provides EMI protection.

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Download Backplane Brochure
  • 15 slot custom backplanes for any application.
  • Supporting VPX and SOSA architectures
  • Dual slot VITA 62 power supply backplane
  • Optional VITA 66 / 67 connectors as needed
  • Air cooled with dual high CFM fan bank
  • Fan speed control based on exhaust temp sensors
  • Fan LED Alarm to monitor fan tach
  • Dual VITA 62 power supplies
  • Up to 1400 watts of backplane payload power
  • Rackmount for 19” EIA frame
  • 4U (6.94”) x 17.74” x 22.20” depth
  • 15 conduction cooled card slots for VITA 48.2 VPX modules
  • EMI gasketed filter with hinged door and removable dust filter
  • Rugged MIL-D-38999 connectors
  • Custom rear panel connector layout
  • VITA 46.11 Tier-2 command
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Remote Management Control Protocol (RMCP), Web Interface, System Management and Command Line Interface.