SAVE Compliant Chassis from LCR Embedded Systems Supports Army Ground Vehicle System Requirements

Supporting Army ground vehicle applications

Technical Highlights:

  • Meets Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) standard requirements
  • Supports 3U VPX SOSA aligned and CMFF target payloads
  • Shock isolation tray ensures payload protection

September 2023 – Jeffersonville, PA – LCR Embedded Systems, a leader in rugged integrated systems and enclosures for applications in air, land and sea equipment, announces the availability of a SAVE compliant chassis for use in Army ground vehicles. The SAVE-720 chassis conforms to size, weight, power (SWaP), environmental and connector requirements, as well as to electrical interfaces for C5ISR systems as defined under the Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) standard. The SAVE standard describes a defined physical boundary for ground vehicle systems, adding long term stability for functional upgrades and a standardized integration space for system developers.

The seven payload and two power supply backplane supports 3U VPX SOSA aligned payloads, as well as CMFF target payloads common to systems that conform to the standard. This includes the complete connector complement. The product is designed to accommodate payload combinations for deployment, including Ethernet switch, I/O intensive SBC, radial clock and compute intensive full aperture FPGA/RF cards. Five of the backplane payload slots incorporate VITA 67.3 full width apertures for extensive RF signal connectivity. The modular design allows left, right or center payload configurations. An LCR shock isolation tray ensures payload protection from shock and vibration. The combined assembly conforms to the envelope dimensional requirements as stated in the standard.

“The SAVE standard has the potential for widespread adoption as the Army moves to more commonality in vehicle electronic systems. The standard’s objectives match up extremely well with our modular design approach. The SAVE-720 addresses key requirements in the standard and reflects LCR’s continued commitment to quickly bringing intelligent solutions to the forefront in defense applications,” said Rob Leblanc, National Sales Manager at LCR.

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