LCR Embedded Systems’ position as the go-to supplier for the most unique design and manufacturing challenges has given us an unparalleled ability to perform analysis and optimization well beyond that offered by our competitors. Thanks to this experience, our customers can enjoy the advantages of field-proven, standards-based form factors no matter how demanding their particular requirements may be.

Having lived on the cutting edge of design and manufacture for so long has also given us a profound level of insight into the overall landscape of design and applications — what kinds of solutions work best for which applications today, and how those solutions are likely to evolve tomorrow. The graduate-level research experience of our technical staff further enhances this insight, resulting in a variety of research and development activities on topics of pressing concern to our customers, including those listed below.

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Advanced Thermal Management

RDThermalAs power and performance of electronic components increases, the thermal load generated by these devices increases as well, leaving many embedded systems desperately in need of new solutions for heat dissipation or even for putting waste heat to constructive use. LCR Embedded Systems is currently exploring a variety of new techniques such as creative system or enclosure geometries and waste heat harvesting to improve the thermal performance of embedded systems in harsh environments without adding weight or increasing power demands. Through this research, we seek to improve SWaP-C as a whole rather than balancing trade-offs between size, weight, power, and cooling performance.