Living on the cutting edge of design and manufacture has given us a profound level of insight into the overall landscape of design and applications and how solutions are likely to evolve tomorrow. The graduate-level research experience of our technical staff further enhances this insight, resulting in a variety of research and development activities on topics of urgent concern to our customers.

Advanced Manufacturing

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Recent advances have made it clear that composites and 3-D printing can offer even better thermal and shielding performance than traditional materials and manufacturing techniques.

Radiation/EMP Shielding

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LCR Embedded Systems is investigating passive and active forms of shielding and how they can be made available to customers without negatively impacting the performance of an overall system.

Thermal Management

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LCR Embedded Systems is exploring a variety of techniques to improve SWaP-C as a whole rather than balancing trade-offs between size, weight, power, and cooling performance.

Waste Energy Harvesting

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Thermoelectric generators, piezoelectric crystals, and other technologies make it possible to take waste energy — thermal, vibrational, and more — and transform it into something useful.