Our solid understanding of systems engineering and overall requirements enables us to offer compute- and switched-based platforms ranging from small form factors to large, fully-integrated, bladed solutions. In these systems, components are packaged to meet any specifications and fully validated and tested. Our cost-effective COTS-based systems are based on standard form factors, but can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Customizable, Rugged Featherweight COM Express System

The Perfect Lightweight, Field-friendly Compute/Storage Solution Weighing in at a SWaP-friendly 7.5lb, designed specifically for demanding field applications, and featuring COM Express technology, LCR Embedded Systems’ fully integrated, forced convection cooled, customizable, featherweight COM Express Single Board Computer System breaks new ground for demanding applications that require

LCR 3U Featherweight VPX Integrated System

Perfect for UAVs, Ground Mobile Designed in collaboration with industry leader ADLINK, and featuring ADLINK processor blades and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) LCR Embedded Systems’ fully integrated, conduction-cooled, featherweight 3-Slot VPX System breaks new ground in addressing the concerns of UAV application developers and allows for the

3U VPX ATR Integrated System

Lightweight, Mobile, Mission-Ready The 3U VPX ATR Integrated System provides a highly customizable compute- and Ethernet-based solution offering reduced weight and superior cooling, ideal for small form factor needs such as tracked vehicles and aircraft. The assembly ships with a 5-Slot VPX backplane that meets all VITA

RCOMe-02 Compute / Communications Platform

Out-of-the-box, Mission-Ready The RCOMe-02 is a highly customizable tactical computing and communications platform, ideal for vehicle and man-pack applications, all in a ruggedized, environmentally sealed package that weighs just 8lbs.