UASgraphicWhether you need a SWaP-friendly high-performance compute system for UAV sensor management, a communications or security system to integrate and distribute video and image data from multiple airborne, ground, or marine autonomous platforms or pods, or a high-performance VPX or AdvancedTCA enclosure for portable or fixed ground stations — or all the above — LCR Embedded Systems is the experienced single source for your needs at any point within your Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS).

Featherweight VPX

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Designed with partner ADLINK Technologies, the system will feature ADLINK’s VPX3010 processor based on the Intel® Xeon® D, and the second slot can hold either a Gigabit Ethernet switch or an ADLINK VPX3G10 Graphics Processing Unit.

Featherweight COMe

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Designed for demanding field applications and featuring COM Express technology, our fully integrated, forced convection cooled, customizable, featherweight COM Express Single Board Computer System breaks new ground.


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Our AdvancedTCA enclosures function as the central brain for ground control stations and carry out image processing and data processing both to communicate to the vehicle itself as well as downstream stations and personnel.