Our extensive experience in standards-based engineering design has enabled us to develop a complex and robust ecosystem of products. Thanks to our experience and expertise, challenges that appears to require costly custom engineering work may actually have a more cost-effective, standards-based solution among our suite of fielded and proven products, all of which can be modified to meet your requirements.

Chassis & Enclosures

Whether you are searching for the latest AdvancedTCA and VPX enclosures, VME or CompactPCI, a Universal enclosure suitable for prototyping and testing, or require a completely custom product, LCR Embedded Systems is your solution.


Over 45 high speed VPX backplane designs supporting OpenVPX and SOSA-aligned modules. Standard and custom backplanes for VME, cPCI, cPCI Serial and ATCA systems. Innovative rigid-flex-rigid solutions for each form factor across a range of applications.

Integrated Systems

With its world-class design and system integration capabilities and complete spectrum of manufacturing and testing facilities located in the USA, LCR Embedded Systems has become an industry leader in rugged, mission-ready integrated systems.


LCR Embedded Systems’ dedicated, skilled manufacturing, testing, and assembly staff can add unique value to any manufacturing project with unique requirements, creating your hardware to meet your particular specifications precisely.


The Road Ahead for VPX

Switched Fabric Architectures for Defense Applications
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The Road Ahead for Composites

Investigating Advanced Manufacturing and Related Innovative Technologies
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