Open-Standards-based Platform for Train Communications and Control

The LS-9101: Designed for Positive Train Control and more

The LS-9101: Designed for Positive Train Control and more

The LS-9101 is an 8-Slot 10 MCU chassis designed for Positive Train Control. Designed in accordance with AAR S-9101 Section 8.3, this chassis is sturdy, efficient, and designed to support your most demanding rail applications.

The LS-9101 platform uses the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) Ancillary Card Cage form factor and can be used to support Communications-Based and Positive Train Control, as well as video storage and cell modem applications.

The 8-slot platform has one master slot and seven application slots, which are connected to one another via a robust Dual Star fabric, and the power supply card can be placed in any application slot.

  • Can be used to support Positive and Communications-Based Train Control
  • Can also support video storage and cell modem applications
  • 10 MCU chassis with NAS6322 Type T hold-down hooks on front
  • Interface for hold-down pins on chassis rear
  • Slots connected via robust Dual Star fabric
  • Convection cooling up to 30W per slot
  • An open-standards-based chassis and backplane assembly
  • Can be populated by the customer or by LCR Embedded Systems with the blades and management equipment of the customer’s choice and shipped as a completed platform
  • Enables use of the real-time management capability of the PTC-enabled infrastructure to maximize the ‘throughput’ of the country’s rail freight network
  • Offer flexibility to freight railroads as they innovate in this direction and avoid vendor lock-in
  • AAR Ancillary Card Cage (ACC) form factor
  • 8-Slot Dual Star S-9101 compliant (1 Master, 7 Application)
  • Power Supply card may be used in any Application slot
  • Card size: 8.8” x 6.25”
  • Bottom-to-top convection cooled up to 30W per slot
  • Optional fan tray to support higher power blades
  • Output Power: 12 V @ 150W
  • Input Power: 18-135 VDC
  • Input/Output Isolation: > 500 VDC
  • Surge Arrestor: 5 kV/90J spike (S-9401)
  • LEDs: Input, Output Power Good
  • Front fuse, IPMI management
  • 12 V regulation/ripple (Exceeds S-9101)
  • HWD: 9.25” x 12.69” x 11.5” (10 MCU)
  • Shock/Vibration: S-9401
  • EMI: S-9401 App A
  • MIL-DTL-5541: Metalwork treated to inhibit corrosion
  • Temperature/Humidity: -40C to 70C, 95%
  • Altitude: -200 to 12,000ft
  • Sheet aluminum construction
  • Exterior surfaces powder coated